Um prekybos užeiga

Nemokamas belaidis internetas 8,7 We had a lovely room very comfortable.

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The pool area was lovely and clean and the view was amazing. I did use the pool it was heated and got plenty of sun all day long.

We um prekybos užeiga the Executive Lounge and the nibbles in the afternoon were lovely and in the evening we went back to the lounge between 6pm to 8pm for pajamos internete, um prekybos užeiga įsigyti srautą snacks and some lovely deserts and of course some drinks.

Nemokamas belaidis internetas 9,0 A real hidden gem. Felt very intimate and comfortable, with amazing views and great family facilities.

I could not fault them atom and throughly recommend this Hotel Maureen Didžioji Britanija We were upgraded to a creek view suite. Staff were amazing and we received a cake and the room was decorated for our 30th wedding anniversary.

We had a Rotana room which was definitely worth it and enjoyed sitting out in the evening with superb canapés and a glass of wine.

um prekybos užeiga

Breakfast was good with a great selection of delicious food. The hotel was close to the attractions and um prekybos užeiga enjoyed walking down the road and onto the water taxi and wandering round the souls.

Will definitely return. Jackie Didžioji Britanija Cleanlines - not 10 but 11! Furniture - 11! Bathroom Toilet, Shower and Bathtub are separate - 11! Staff - 11! The hotel is brand new and very well maintained!


Great Deal for the Value! Yll The rooms were spacious.

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Staff were exceptional. Breakfast was amazing.

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Would highly recommend Bernadette Very clean and beautiful hotel. Great staff and excellent parking options. Would definitely recommend!

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Sara Nyderlandai Al Bandar Rotana is a great hotel, with great services, what I can only recommend to everyone. Great value for money! Bence The um prekybos užeiga desk staff were very good and professional Haider Kuveitas Staff are fantastic.

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The most engaging of any hotel I have ever stayed in. Morgan's is very good.

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Pool deck has incredible views.